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The Ultimate Luggage Size and Weight Guide

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Your trip can go from exciting to frustrating quickly if you end up at the airport and discover your luggage isn't the right size. Suddenly you're shelling out more money than expected because your baggage has to be checked, and now you don't have access to your carry on. Before heading to the airport, check out our luggage size guide to stay within the limits.

When to use a Checked Bags

There's a certain convenience that comes with checking your bags. You can pack your carry on minimally, enjoy the lightened load, and still bring everything you need on the trip. With much more freedom to pack what you need, the most difficult decision will now be what bag you bring? Peruse the Travelpro Checked Luggage page to find the perfect bag for

Checked Baggage Size and Dimensions

While you certainly can pack more when you check a bag, you still have to follow limitations. Checked luggage sizes vary depending on the airline and whether or not you are a "frequent flier" with that particular airline.

We've rounded up all the major airlines and listed the checked luggage sizes and their limits to help you know what you're getting into.

Checked Suitcase Weight Limits

Airlines impose a luggage weight limit to ensure the plane isn't overloaded and to reduce the possibility of injuring the baggage handlers. Most domestic flights have a checked bag weight limit of around 50 pounds (unless you want to pay a fee to pack something heavier). However, your international checked baggage size varies considerably depending on which airline you choose.

When to Carry On

Many airlines allow a free carry on (usually for the overhead bin) and a free personal item (usually for under the seat in front of you). Domestic flights limit their size but don't pay much attention to the weight. International flights have specific size and weight requirements. Travelpro has a lineup of stylish and functional carry on bags for every type of trip.

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Carry On Bag Size and Dimensions

Domestic flights follow similar guidelines for carry on dimensions: roughly 22x14x9 inches. Check out our rundown of maximum carry-on sizes by airline to ensure you meet the TSA carry on size limits.

When you’re heading overseas, there are different rules to follow. International flights have different guidelines for size, and most also limit the weight of the carry on. Before you fly, make sure you’re not over the weight limit. You can read more about the international luggage standards here.

22 x 14 x 9 are the common regional and domestic airline dimensions for carry on size limits.

Personal Items Limitations

Personal items get stowed beneath the seat in front of you. This space is designed to give easy access to items you might need while flying: laptops, medication, books, and more.

Space is limited, though. If you exceed it, you may have to store your personal item in the overhead bin – and that could result in added fees.

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Knowing what to bring and how big your luggage sizes can be, will make your trip much smoother and more enjoyable. As you plan your next getaway, find the perfect bag that accents your personality, and review the size guidelines to know whether you should check or carry on.

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